Carers Allowance

My mum is 73 and receiving palliative care for colon cancer. She is currently staying with myself and my two sons while she recouperates. Am I able to claim Carers Allowance? I currently receive WAP and I don' know whether any other claims would affect my boys money.

Please can you advise on what benefits we may be entitled to.

  • Hi Ksibs. 

    I wonder if anyone has spoken with you about whether mum might be eligible for CHC funding or fast-track CHC funding? She might also be eligible for Attendance Allowance which comes in two rates, one for care and the other for mobility. She would get £50.00 odd for the care component and £80.00 odd for both care and mobility. There is a DS1500 form also that the GP can complete to send with the application if necessary. 

    Have a look at the benefits and work website for more info. Should you claim carers allowance and your mum IS getting Attendance Allowance at the higher rate this might apply: 

    "If the disabled person is receiving extra means-tested benefit because they get the ‘severe disability premium’ described above, then they will lose this premium if their carer is paid carer’s allowance"

    More info on carers allowance here Carer's Allowance 

    Hope that helps. 

  • Hi Ksibs,

    Widowed Parent's Allowance (WPA) is an overlapping benefit, which means you would only receive either WPA or Carer's Allowance (whichever is the higher amount).  However, in addition to WPA, you may be eligible for Child Tax Credits, Housing Benefit (if you live in rented accommodation) and/or Council Tax Reduction

    If your mum needs help with her care needs and does not have a disability benefit in place at present, she may be eligible for Attendance Allowance.  This is a tricky form to complete, so I would advise that you get help from your local Benefits Adviser for assistance with this form. 

    Your local Benefits Adviser will also be able to complete a full benefits check for both yourself and your mum.  Alternatively, you can speak with our Helpline on 0808 808 0000 for more benefit advice. 

    Wishing your mum all the best in her recouperation.

    Kind regards

    Moira - Macmillan Project Worker