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Holiday Insurance

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Hi there,

I've had a couple of cancers, and two years on I'd like to travel abroad on holiday. I've done a search of holiday insurance on gocompare, compare the market etc and got quotes but I find they are about £260 per trip best quote.Are there any better organisations or travel Insurance companies that others here have used ?  I've had treatment just under two years ago plus anxiety / depression CBT on the NHS now, but generally I'm not a health risk. Can you help ?

Thanks Alex

Julia - Macmillan
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I’m glad to hear that you’re now well enough to consider a holiday abroad following your cancer. You must be looking forward to it.


Generally, rather than getting online quotations, we’d say it is best to speak to an insurance company as there may be scope for you to ask to speak to someone who can manually underwrite a policy for you, potentially at a more reasonable rate than you’ve been quoted online.


If you are planning to travel to somewhere in Europe before Brexit, you can still access medical treatment whilst on holiday if you have an EHIC card. This does not replace travel insurance but gives you some cover in the event of an urgent medical problem whilst abroad.


We’re not able to suggest a specific insurance company to try as our service is not regulated. However, it’s often useful to see where others who have, or have had cancer are sourcing their cover. You can click through to our blog and discussion on travel insurance here and here.


You might find that some insurers are willing to offer you a travel insurance policy with a cancer-related exclusion for a lower price. This means you wouldn’t be covered for any claims relating to the cancer. If this is the case, it’s important to consider the risk of not being covered if you experience any problems related to the cancer while you are away.


You might also wish to check with your bank if travel insurance is included with your bank account, although we’d suggest you speak to the bank to make sure that they will still cover you for cancer or any side effects you’ve been left with.


I hope this helps you to get the cover you need and that you have a wonderful holiday. If you want to discuss this further, or have any other personal finance questions, please feel free to call the financial guides on 0808 808 0000 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.


Kind regards.



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