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Home responsibility with Child Benefit.

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Hi there,

I was getting Home Responsibility which formed part of the Child Benefit which meant a stamp was being paid if I wasn’t working.

This payment finished when my youngest child reached 13. I was not informed about this, I just found out about it on the Gov website when I was checking my NI contributions. 

I found out that for the last year no contributions have been made as I wasn’t working due to cancer treatment.

What can I do now?

I have spoke to HMRC just to be told to ring a pension line about it as I could get the payments made up in the case of illness. 

My hubby works but we get no other benefit other than Child Benefit.


Julia - Macmillan
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Hi Beachwalker19


Our Welfare Rights Advisers may be able to advise you further on this, so I’d suggest giving them a call on 0808 808 0000. They are available on 0808 808 0000 Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm but also on Saturday 9am to 5pm.


You may have looked at this information on the website already but this section gives further details about National Insurance credits for periods when you are unable to work because of your health, including a helpline telephone number. This might be the same number given to you by HMRC?


I’m sorry that this is not something I can give you any further guidance on, but if you have any questions relating to financial products you have, or wish to explore anything relating to mortgages, insurance, pensions, etc, please feel free to call us.


Kind regards.



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Remember you can also speak with the Macmillan Support Line team of experts. Phone free on 0808 808 0000 (7 days a week, 8am-8pm) or by email.