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This is my first post here Hugging I have a query regarding hormone blood levels. I’ve recently participated in a post memo brain research study, which was fab. Brain MRI, mini 3D of my brain (probably the actual size as well Joy) and a hormone blood panel. I’m 14 years post BrCa, hormone positive. I’m 54.

The researcher has emailed to ask if I’m actually in memo as my hormone level is high.. I’m a bit concerned tbh! I finished 10 years of Tamoxifen in 2020. 
many thoughts on this? I’ve bled about 6 times and all have been investigated as I had endometrial hyperplasia and recently diagnosed with adenomyosis. I haven’t bled for 3 years. 

TIA xx

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  • Hello Fleurs Mum

    Thank you for contacting us at Macmillan. I hope you are finding our online community helpful and informative. My name is George, and I'm one of the Cancer Information Nurse specialists on the Support line.  It's interesting to see you have taken part in the post-menopause brain research study, and it's good to read that you enjoyed the process. Unfortunately, we cannot access personal health records and, therefore, can only give general information and support.

    I understand your concerns regarding what the researcher has said about your higher-than-expected Oestradiol levels. And how this may also concern you with having hormone-receptive breast cancer in the past. We recommend taking this information to your GP to discuss further. As you are aware, menopause occurs once the ovaries cease producing moderate hormone levels. However, hormones are also synthesised in smaller amounts in other body tissues. Sometimes, higher levels of adipose cells (fat cells) can significantly elevate these hormones in some individuals, even post-menopausal and without a period cycle. Interestingly, higher hormone levels can increase the instances of adenomyosis, which you say you have recently been diagnosed with.

    As you are concerned, we would encourage you to make a GP appointment as soon as possible to discuss this further, possible causes, and any concerns or fears this causes you. Please try not to overthink this test result, as this can be common and has several causes, which your healthcare team will be able to assess and advise accordingly. But it’s always important to get checked out as soon as possible.


    I hope this information has been useful, please contact us whenever we can help.

    Take care.  


    Cancer Information Nurse Specialist  

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