Travel insurance round-up (July 2018)

Can you believe it? It’s August! We’re in peak holiday season.

A warm welcome to those of you who joined the travel insurance group in July and thank you to everyone who has asked a question or contributed to a discussion. Your recommendations have been invaluable.

On the travel insurance group this month:

Success stories:

‘I decided to ring Eurotunnel today just to see what they would say.  I was overjoyed to hear that all pre-existing conditions are covered, no need to answer any questions, as long as a doctor can say that I am fit to travel, it's not terminal and my condition is stable.  (I will ask at the hospital next week just to make sure I'd be considered to fulfil the 'stable' criterion.) The cost was £80.50 for a multi-trip policy - mainland Europe only, no islands, no sea cruises. (This is a recent change to the policy, apparently.)  Amazing!  Thank you so much for pointing me in their direction.’

‘I use and have just got a week European cover at stage 4 metastatic lung cancer in ribs, spine pelvis and lymph glands for £36.  I also have a heart condition and pre-cancer was paying £95 for two weeks with Post Office then.’

Travel insurance advice:

PammyBear said:

‘I found Boots Travel Insurance online process easy to follow to declare pre-existing conditions. There is a help service if you get stuck too. Give it a try.’

Travel and cancer information

If you are thinking of going on holiday, remember to take a look at Macmillan's information on travel and cancer before you go, to help you get the most out of your trip. Our information includes:

  • how cancer treatment may affect your travels
  • information about vaccinations, immunisations and going abroad for treatment
  • taking care of yourself while you are away.

Visit the travel insurance group.

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