Travel insurance round-up (January 2019)

Welcome to the January 2019 travel insurance update.

With the winter weather is at its bleakest, are you planning a rejuvenating escape somewhere sunny? Maybe you have found an off-peak holiday deal or are seeking to get away with your family during the February half-term? Alternatively, perhaps you are heading off to a romantic destination for Valentine’s Day?

We hope that the discussions on the travel insurance group give you some valuable recommendations.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the group in January. Several of you reported that although it took time and effort, you eventually obtained reasonable travel insurance following a cancer diagnosis. You also shared practical tips for finding a fair quote and words of encouragement with one another.

Success stories

Here are some of your success stories over the past month:

flightsim persevered to find an affordable multi-trip policy:

‘Eight weeks ago, I was diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer and set about buying some travel insurance, as my wife and I had planned to travel to Austria in February.

One travel insurance company wanted £35 upfront before medical screening. Moved on.

A comparison site boasted that it had 40 specialist companies, so surely someone would quote? 40 rejections later I moved on.

Another company quoted me £137 for the week. Single-trip policy. Wouldn’t quote for a multi-trip policy.

Following a post in this travel insurance group, I rang a building society as I hold an account with them. Once I’ve completed my radiotherapy they will insure me for £110 for the year, to cover me and my wife.

Persevere and you will succeed. I’m off on my holiday, and so will you.’

Xmaseyore received a good quote following a post in this travel insurance group:

‘I have been trying to get travel insurance, but due to illness and stem cell therapy my insurance costs seem to have escalated. My last company increased the insurance from £120 annually to £460 for a single trip, and that was with no claim!

I saw a mention in one of these posts for a different travel insurance company, so thought I would have a look. What a result! My insurance quote was £81.’

Northwesterly found his wife a reasonable policy for a trip to Oman:

‘We got travel insurance for my wife from a company at the end of last October for a single trip to Oman, lasting a week at less than £300 including gadget cover and high value single item cover. I had previously been refused by nearly everyone and the only other quote I got was for over £2,700!

Bearing in mind that at the time, my wife was only three and a half months post-surgery for colon cancer, has a stoma and was two cycles into her chemotherapy, I think they took a really considered view of the risk involved and it was a reasonable cost.

I would certainly recommend them and will have no qualms in using them again. Such peace of mind.’

Travel insurance advice

Mitzie10 gave helpful tips on phoning travel insurance companies:

‘My advice is to have all your information to hand when phoning travel insurance companies. I keep a folder with all my Consultant letters, scan dates, results appointments and drugs listed.

In my experience it is all about timing. If you are waiting for a scan or investigations, it will prove a challenge to find cover. I have a routine blood test every month and a three-monthly CT scan, so I timed my call after a CT and results appointment.’

Travel and cancer information

If you are thinking of going on holiday, remember to look at Macmillan’s information on travel and holidays to help you get the most out of your trip. Our information includes:

  • how cancer treatment may affect your travels
  • information about vaccinations, immunisations and going abroad for treatment
  • taking care of yourself while you are away
  • things to consider when buying travel insurance
  • some of the words and terms you might hear when planning a holiday or getting travel insurance.

Visit the travel insurance group

Please keep sharing your experiences (good and bad) with us. You can visit the travel insurance group to start a new discussion.

Many thanks to flightsim, Xmaseyore, Northwesterly and Mitzie10 for contributing to this blog.

Happy holidays and safe travels!

  • I have been told in the past few months that I have lung cancer and I am being treated with immunotherapy for the next two years.  I have called several Insurance Companies to insure me with a trip to Jersey for 5 nights and they do not want to insure me.  Only one that quoted £800 for the 5 nights.  We have already cancelled a holiday to Cyprus and lost £500 as we did not know about the lung cancer even though we were insured. Can anyone advise us on this, we are at our wits end!!  Thanks.


  • <p>Hi and welcome to the online community</p> <p><span>As you have discovered it can be more difficult to find&nbsp;</span><a href="">travel insurance</a><span>&nbsp;when&nbsp;there is a cancer diagnosis involved so can I suggest that you join the&nbsp;<a href="/cancer_experiences/travel_insurance/">travel insurance group</a>&nbsp;to get recommendations. To join just click on the link I&#39;ve created and then choose &#39;Join This Group&#39; on the page that opens.</span></p> <p><span>Once you&#39;ve joined look for the thread entitled &#39;Recommended Travel Insurance&#39; (usually on the first page) as you&#39;ll find lots of recommendations from fellow forum members.</span></p> <p>Most people recommend that you phone the travel companies rather than try and do online quotes as it&#39;s easier to explain to someone about your diagnosis than try to complete an online quote.&nbsp;</p> <p>I do hope that you are able to get travel insurance&nbsp;so that you can&nbsp;book a holiday to Jersey.</p> <p>x</p>