Travel insurance recommendations for people affected by cancer

When you are living with cancer, getting travel insurance can be difficult - even if your cancer treatment was years ago. We want to hear positive stories about travel insurance companies from the people who know best – you.

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    Eurotunnel ( now - from what I remember of the conversation - seem happy to cover people who aren't terminally ill where their condition is stable and their doctor is happy for them to travel. Worked out much cheaper for me than elsewhere, though of course people should check the coverage suits them when buying. They do do worldwide cover. Their website's not great, but helpful on phone.

    i've also used Insurance With ( who ask a lot more questions. They were fairly reasonable on short trips, but Eurotunnel was much cheaper for my next break.

  • Thanks ground - it's really good to hear your recommendations. Has anyone else also had success with getting cover through these companies, or any others?

  • My husband was very successfully treated for bowel cancer 11 years ago. Wanting to fly to Mallorca, we thought travel insurance might pose a problem. We had a comprehensive policy as part of our bank account. They were not concerned about the recent cancer treatment, they were more interested in his gallstones which proved a greater hurdle. But insurance was not a great issue for us.

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    I've got prostate cancer. Before I was diagnosed (in December 2013) I had travel insurance with AXA through my old Lloyds TSB current account. They carried on insuring me after diagnosis, but not for long. As soon as I told them I needed follow up radiotherapy after surgery they cancelled the insurance.

    I looked around and saw that Nationwide were doing worldwide family travel insurance through their Flex Plus account (along with other stuff like breakdown insurance). The regular cost is £10 a month. I called their underwriters, told them everything, and they said yes, they would fully insure me for an additional premium of £110 a year. Hopefully they'll re-insure me from year to year. I might need further treatment so who knows?

    Everyone is going to be different depending on their circumstances but it's one more place you might want to look but it'll mean changing banks if you're not already with Nationwide. I'm not recommending it because I've not had any reason to claim yet so don't know how good they are at coughing up. I've only had the insurance in place for less than 6 months and with all that's going on health wise I've not travelled outside the UK.

    This link to the Nationwide site gives all the information about the account:

    On their site, amongst all the other info about the account and the insurance, is this bit of information: Existing medical conditions aren't covered automatically. If you or anyone else insured by this policy has a pre-existing medical condition and you wish to see if cover is available you can contact the insurer on 0845 246 1692. An additional premium may charged or we may not be able to cover that condition.

    I called that number before opening the account and told them all my history, explaining I was thinking about opening a Flex Plus account. I wouldn't advise opening the account before calling in case they won't cover your condition for a reasonable fee.

    One tip, if you've got a partner, open a joint account, then the £10 monthly fee covers you both for all the account benefits (at the time of writing).

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    I have advanced prostate cancer, diagnosed in February this year and kept under control for the time being by Zoladex. I tried several companies supposedly specialising in pre-existing medical conditions and their quotes ranged from thousands to not interested. I then came across a company called "insurance with"  which was founded by someone who worked in the travel industry and had survived breast cancer but who found it impossible to find reasonable travel insurance for herself.  I've used them twice and a joint policy for a single trip costs about £90. Their on-line form is simple and quick to fill in as they ask the approropriate questions, or you can have on-line chat or speak over the phone.