Week following cycle 4

With chemo being on the Friday the steroids done their job and got me through the weekend, As expected I hit the floor on Monday, I felt awful and slept most of the day, Tuesday and Wednesday were much the same but I didn’t sleep as much, my taste had gone by Monday which I do find depressing. By Thursday I felt so much brighter that I went out and choose the paint for the lounge, we also settled on a wallpaper (I won that choice Wink). By now my nose was really sore, my tongue and bottom lip felt like I’d been chewing stinging nettles, my fingernails and fingertips were sore and for some reason the outer side of both my big toes are really painful, before I even started chemo, back in January I removed some hard skin from this area with a pumice stone but went a little too far, not unusual for me, but it did take a long time to heal which I put down to starting chemo soon after, it did heal though, but now they are agony. I didn’t suffer too much with the GCSF injections this time, I had one day when my temperature went up to 37.4 so was getting worried but it did right itself. I’m still getting a lot of diarrhoea but am using the Loperamide now. My tongue also felt like a dried up river bed for about 3 days.

It’s Monday today and since Thursday I’ve stripped all the wallpaper (it is only 1 wall) and washed all the lounge walls and between us we have painted one of them too.

I have been a little down today, just totally fed up with my mouth, nose, fingers and toes, my taste has improved a little today so looking forward to enjoying food again. I feel well enough in myself just really fed up with all the other crap that goes with chemo ….. but it should all improve over this week.

I have my 2nd PET scan tomorrow to check it’s not spread and to see if it’s responded and I had a phone call on Thursday asking me to go to see the breast surgeon on Thursday, I’m hoping she will have the scan results by then and will know if I need anymore chemo before surgery, if not I’ll get the results when I see the oncologist on 5th April.

I wondering at lot now about the side effects of the Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab which I have to have for a year regardless of any results, I know they won’t be anywhere near as bad as the Docetaxel and I’m hoping they will be completely manageable.

so it’s onwards and upwards now.

Sending positive vibes to you all.