Results from plastic surgeon MDT regarding reconstruction

Knowing it was over a week ago my plastic surgeon took me to the MDT meeting I had contacted my BCN last Friday but didn’t hear back so I called again today. BCN did apologise that nobody had got back to me.

not the news I wanted to hear at all but I, not surprised because he made it clear he wasn’t happy to do any reconstruction at the same time as my double mastectomy, the Diep procedure wasn’t an option because I have no fat in my tummy just slots of loose skin from the weight loss. He isn’t happy to consider any other type of procedure even ones which use muscles because he is concerned about my fitness level, not just the chemo but the fact that I’ve had a gastric bypass means I don’t absorb nutrients as I should so I have to take supplements, this really concerned him. He has put in the notes that he will be happy to do reconstruction in 2 years….my question I he expecting me to gain weight and therefore fat in that time because I don’t plan too, maybe he will at that point look into some type of muscle reconstruction, this wouldn’t be my first choice but better than nothing.

I will be asking my breast surgeon whether I could go onto have reconstruction at a later date if I choose to have implants following radiotherapy? Implants are also not my first choice, firstly they have to be changed and secondly I have a vision in my head that they would be too “perfect and perky” for my age.

throughout all of this the thing that’s making me more anxious (expect for the 7 week wait from diagnosis to chemo starting) is without a doubt coming out of hospital with no boobies, I so admire those who embrace the flat chest but I just don’t think it’s for me.

all I know is that I have no option on this so I have to pull on my big girl pants, get my head around it and face it See no evilScream