Re-starting treatment and Radiotherapy planning

On 28th June I had my 5th dose of Phesgo this is the first one without the Docetaxel, I felt no pain and apart from a dead leg for 3 or 4 days I don’t appear to have any side effects. It was lovely to catch up with all my work colleagues and friends.
I am really concerned that my radiotherapy start date is 3 months after surgery, this is too long.

on Wednesday I went for my pre radiotherapy planning CT and tattoos, a lovely team and all went well, they were pleased I had so much movement in my arms to get into position with ease. I did have a meltdown while I was in the scanner, first meltdown for a while but I suddenly felt extremely vulnerable, exposed and lonely and I had a realisation that I still have such a long way to go. Anyway I got it out of my system and I’m fine now. We traveled there on the motorbike and G is hoping to be able to take me to all of the appointments on it. So many people have offered to help me but even though I know they genuinely mean it I still feel bad asking them and G’s work have been good in letting him finish earlier each day too.

my GP called to say he would write a letter For my employer advising he was happy to support me returning to work until radiotherapy begins on 20th July.

my referral to the hospital dentist has been done and they called to offer my an appointment next Tuesday, 5th July, this is one appointment that I’m absolutely dreading, I’m petrified of dentist’s and know I need work doing!

I also had my 2nd X-ray on the lump on my clavicle and I’m eager to know the results.