Post surgery….latest update

So surgery was 3 weeks and day ago. I was Covid positive for 2 weeks !! Unbelievable I noticed on day 10 post - op that my right side “bingo wing” was very wobbly and clearly holding fluid, I also developed a lump under my right armpit which I guessed was also fluid, it felt as if I was carrying a tennis ball under my arm!

on May 4th I had my first wound check….the corset came off….Tada And the dressing’s, there was a bit of infection on the right side so I was given antibiotics. The surgeon choose not to attempt to drain the seroma in the armpit just yet because of the infection/lymphoedema risk and she didn’t really comment on my bingo wing when I told her. I choose not to look at my chest until I was in the comfort of my own home, however I made the mistake of looking in the mirror without any headwear on….oh my days, in my opinion it’s hideous and without hair too I look like Ross Kemp! I know there are women who embrace being flat but it’s not for me, I absolutely admire those who do though. I felt extremely vulnerable without the dressing’s and corset to begin with and was surprised to find the tightness and burning across my chest didn’t disappear once the corset was off…..I thought it felt like that because of the corset but it’s obviously just part of the healing process.

I was told that my right (diseased) boob weighed almost double my left….mind blowing Fearful.

I have been sleeping back in bed propped up and on my back but the past few nights I’ve found I’m able to lay slightly on my left side for a little while which is great.

G went back to work on 9th May which was strange but I have been really good and not overdone anything. I have started to incorporate some leg and tummy excercises into my breast surgery excercise routine, just some lunges, glute bridges and crunches, and I’m doing a few arm weights but only with 1kg.  I’m still getting a lot of diarrhoea, I’d been blaming that on the chemo, and although it’s not as bad as it was then it could still be the effects of the chemo.  I’ve driven and I got on fine with that.

I had to go for another wound check this week and the infection has cleared up really well. She did attempt to draw some fluid from my armpit but she could only get about 15mls, I think it’s made a small difference.

all in all I’m doing ok, I’ve only worn my softie once but found the bra too uncomfortable although this was last week, I’ll try again tomorrow. I still have incredible tightness and burning acrosShrugy chest with the right side being worse than the left and it’s always worse in the evening and night Shrug♀️I’m going to have to research…is this part of the normal healing process?