My week following Cycle 3

The steroid’s got me through last weekend, I was buzzing and busy, I started to feel a little tired come Sunday afternoon though and also started my GCSF injections on Sunday till Thursday. I did notice that my taste started to change by Sunday evening but it hadn’t completely gone.

Monday was awful, I did have to get up in the night for the loo, chemo diarrhoea is bloody awful, then slept till 8am, I didn’t feel to bad when I got up but very soon I felt so poorly in myself, I laid on the sofa all day (I don’t know why but I don’t like the thought of going to bed when chemo kicks ass) dozing on and off and feeling very sorry for myself, I figured that I’m allowed to feel sorry for myself in this situation too. 

On Tuesday I ached everywhere from the GCSF and still felt awful from the chemo, even going upstairs to the toilet was such an effort and believe me there were a lot of toilet visits Scream. My nose is starting to get more sores in it but the creams really helps with the pain they cause, I ate a small salad and my taste wasn’t too bad still.

By Wednesday I felt a little better but still didn’t leave the sofa except to have a shower which I just didn’t have the energy to do on Monday or Tuesday, that really helped me feel better even though it was probably psychological. My mouth was starting to tingle and my nose started to bleed today too, not streaming blood just blood when I wiped or blew it. Just as we headed of to bed I had the most horrendous feeling come over me, I became clammy and hot and ended up sitting on the loo with my head in a bowl, I had the usual diarrhoea but wasn’t actually sick just retching, thankfully I’ve still not had any vomiting but I think I would have felt better in this situation if I could of been sick. Anyway everything calmed down after 20 minutes or so and I slept all night, I have to say my sleeping has improved this week (I hope I’m not jinxing it by writing this) I do still wake at 3 or 4am but I’m able to go back to sleep fairly quickly.

When I got up on Thursday I didn’t feel as poorly as I had all week but I felt very week and lethargic but I found by late morning I was feeling a little brighter and by mid afternoon I felt I was turning a corner on this cycles crap. I even managed to do a bit of cleaning, I’m such a Hincher. My taste is much worse now, I tried some chicken soup and had to ask G to try it because it taste “off” to me, it wasn’t “off”! 

by Friday I felt good again, yay it really is a celebration to feel normal again Tada my mouth and lips are tingling it almost feels like I’ve been eating stinging nettles, my nose is horrible but the cream is still stopping the sores from hurting and my taste is still bloody awful but I was able to do some cleaning, visit mum, go to B and Q and do more painting….happy day’s. Oh and an added bonus of the day was not having to visit the loo….at all.

It’s Saturday today, I feel really good, a little lethargic but I’ve not overdone things, just listening to my body. We did pop to B and Q again to get the colour for painting the hall, I’ve never felt confident using a roller so have always painted with a brush but I’ve bit the bullet and I’m going to try and roller the paint on.
My mouth, lips, nose and lack of taste are driving me crazy but I’m focusing on Monday when my mouth, lips and taste should start to improve a little (going by the last cycles) and fingers crossed I’ll be able to taste much better on Tuesday with the added bonus of an improvement in my mouth and lips, I keep saying mouth but it’s actually my tongue and lips.

so there we have it, chemo still sucks, if it’s the same pattern as previous cycles it’s 10 days of nasty symptoms the first half is feeling poorly and the second half is the tongue, lips, nose and mouth. I am expecting the nose and frequent visits to the loo to last through to my next cycle but I can cope with that.

I will say that being on chemotherapy has made me realise just how much we take our good health for granted.

Right now I need to start planning what delights I’m going to eat on Tuesday, I had chosen Chinese but G informed me our Chinese doesn’t open on a Tuesday……how rude! Do they not know I’m on chemo Wink

one more thing, I know we really should steer clear of takeaways whilst having chemo because we are immune suppressed… many others have the odd takeaway??

lots of supportive hugs to you all xxxx