Moving forward with my treatment plan

Last Tuesday I called the oncologist secretary to ask if she could give me any idea of when I would be seeing the oncologist because my treatment was being delay whilst waiting, she called me back and asked if I could make it that afternoon……yes definitely!

so I have 3 weeks of radiotherapy, 13 more Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab injections, Zometa 6 monthly for 2 years and to continue with my Letrozole.

my GP contacted me to let me know that the radiologist had taken the wrong image to be able to assess my clavicle lump, he apologise and explained he had to request another X-ray, this appointment came through for end of July so I called them and explained the error and they changed it to this Thursday.

my GP also explained that the spine X-ray showed no fracture but a lot of wear and tear and a very squashed lumber disc, I have no symptoms of this which he thinks is probably because I excercise a lot so he advised to be aware of any neurological symptoms.

 I have asked GP to contact my weight loss surgery team regarding increasing the Calci-D because I’m concerned he didn’t feel the need to increase it with the bone scan showing Osteopenia, my worry is I don’t absorb what I should from my food because of the weight loss surgery and I don’t eat much calcium, he is going to check with my team.

I’ve had my radiotherapy schedule through although the oncologist said we could choose a time of day (we choose early morning so G wouldn’t need to take so much time off work) The appointments are all in the evening and seeing as it’s at least a 1 and a half hour round trip not taking not account rush hour traffic goodness know what time we will get to eat….I’m not complaining….just having a little moan WinkWink so 3 weeks of radiotherapy begins on 20th July with a couple of planning appointments beforehand.

I had a meeting with my line manager and HR about returning to work 50% hour just until I begin my radiotherapy, everything takes so long though, my line manager had a few reservations because in effect I’m still a patient in my workplace but Occupational health were ok with it so she agreed. They did however ask me what my GP’s thoughts were….I hadn’t asked him so I was asked to contact him, he called me and was so nice, he too had a few reservations but said if I felt I wanted to he would support and if it didn’t work out he’d be happy to sign me off again. He also said if work wanted a letter he would provide one…I told my line manager and she asked for a letter….I’m now on day 3 trying to get the letter, GP reception staff won’t email him on my behalf, they have now said he is in on Wednesday so I have to fill in an online form at 8am Wednesday morning. Nothing is easy.

my line manager has arranged a new mask fitting appointment for Friday morning because Occy health want me to wear a different mask to the ones we normally wear, one that offers better protection. I was hoping I could start work after my mask fitting appointments but now I don’t know.

im going to be catching up on my mandatory training, no patient facing work although I feel I’d be ok seeing my patients and it’s only until 20th July so I’m sure I’ll be OK.

I’ve been exercising every day and increased my weights to 4kg, and I have cycled a fair bit, I done a 10 mile round trip with one of my grandchildren last week, down to the beach, along the prom and got an amazing ice cream.

yesterday I had my fourth Covid vaccination and bloods for treatment tomorrow, I cycled to the hospital, it’s only 4 miles with a lovely cycle path but I am really chuffed with my physical recovery.

I also collected my prosthetic boobs, they are a lovely natural shape and fairly comfortable, I don’t wear them all the time but I’m sure I will when I get back to work.