Cycle 4 Docetaxel, Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab (maybe last Docetaxel before surgery)

Yesterday was potentially my last Docetaxel before surgery, extra pre-meds stopped a reaction thank goodness and all went well, I ate virtually non stop whilst I was having my treatment Face palm♀️I think it’s psychological because I know come Monday I’ll be living on digestive’s and rich tea biscuits because my taste will be gone. I’m feeling absolutely fine, I came home from my treatment Winksterday and planted my bedding plants, I hope we don’t get any frosts now! I’ve been busy today too. Got the usual odd feeling of knowing I’m going to crash and hit the floor come Monday morning but I just have to ride the storm and focus on the better days the following week. G and I are trying to choose a wallpaper that we both like for the lounge, it’s only 1 wall but what a palaver, it’s a nightmare, I had about 20 sample’s on the wall and we’ve got it down to 6 but there are none that we both like….I hope I can win this battle because I really like one that he doesn’t  WinkRofl.

Anyway, I’m sorry that’s totally off subject. I just feel it’s good to post about “normal” things we do, I absolutely understand that everyone’s treatment and side effects are different, I just hope that if anyone does read this when there are having their bad days it may help them a little.

im still extremely anxious and to be honest scared of coming out of hospital with no boobies, I know I’d rather b

stay alive than have boobs but it’s going to be bloody horrible. How has everyone else coped with this?

I have my PET scan on 29th March and oncologist on 8th April with results to see if I do need any more Docetaxel before surgery.

virtual hugs to you all x