Cycle 3

I have to say I was dreading today, just so scared I was going to react again but I’m very please to say all went well, I had hydrocortisone and Piriton prior to my treatment and really pleased to report that I didn’t react I feel so much better for it too, my head is clear instead of fuzzy, I’m buzzing though but that’s only to be expected with the steroids.
the doctor on the unit has given me some cream for my nose, I’ve been using Germolene up to now but the sores hadn’t heeled in-time for this treatment.

I had only lost 0.2kg which surprised me because I don’t eat much at all for the first week to 10 days but I’ve clearly made up for it once  the soreness in my mouth got better and I got my taste back.

I’ve also been given Pliazon cream because my fingertips are splitting and become very sore, and I actually didn’t poop at all yesterday, day 20 and no diarrhoea I have today though Shrug.

I was speaking to a lady today, she was on her first treatment (not the same as me) but I asked her if she would mind chatting to me as I overheard her say (because curtains are soundproof) the she’s had a double mastectomy and reconstruction, she had the Diep procedure which I would like, I have an appointment with the plastic surgeon next Wednesday (2nd March) she was very honest with me, she explained it’s very painful although I understand everybody has a different pain threshold, she said she was really pleased with the results but did struggle with the lack of sensation. It was good to speak face to face with someone who had been through it.

I’ll be fine over the weekend thanks to the steroids but I then start the GCSF injections on Sunday so I know that with the GCSF injections, chemo effects and stopping the steroids tomorrow I’m goinSleeping accommodationto crash next week and feel crap, I expect it and just have to roll with it. Sleeping accommodation Yes I will feel sorry for myself but I’m allowed too Wink and I have to say G is really understanding but he really doesn’t like feeling so useless, obviously he’s not useless just a cuddle and kind words go a long way too.

take care everyone.