Cycle 2

Another eventful appointment, it had been decided to run my Docetaxel over 2 hours rather than 1 due to my reaction on my first cycle, unfortunately this didn’t work and I reacted again it just took a little longer to happen, the staff were fantastic and I was given hydrocortisone and Piriton, had a 500ml fluid flush before the chemo was restarted. I wasn’t in denial this time so I did call for help as soon as it begun to happen however I was left feeling washed out by the end of it all. The Dr. discussed cycle 3 and it was decided I would be given the hydrocortisone and piriton before the chemo to see if that will stop it happening. After I got home I done a few jobs around the house, showered and chilled.

obviously I didn’t sleep well thanks to the steroids but I’ve accepted that on steroid day, it’s the other days that I struggle with. I work at 3am Saturday and the first thing I noticed was my mouth was beginning to feel strange so I started my mouth care straight away, I suffer all week last cycle before I called for help but knowing I have everything I need now I can hopefully stop it getting that bad.

I was busy until 3pm Saturday, just buzzing really and I achieved a lot…..I like lists and I like to cross jobs of my list….I like to achieve a lot, i done some baking too. I rested until 5 ish, had a shower, some tea and chilled, it was nice to actually feel tired by 10.30 pm, I slept until 2.45 then dozed until 4.30, had to get up for the loo at 3.30am, I’m pooping so much after chemo and it’s very loose (sorry if that’s tmi but it is what it is)

 Up at 4.30 again, writing this, finding anything I can do quietly so as No to wake G, planning to take Zopiclone tonight so hopefully I’ll get a couple of extra hours sleep Sleeping accommodation 

Positive mind positive outcome x