I woke up Monday feeling absolutely rubbish, so so tired, I laid on the sofa sleeping in between waking with my painful mouth, this was definitely different from cycle 1 and it continued until Wednesday with symptoms getting worse, sore mouth, swollen bottom lip and tongue, sore nostril, lots of blood smears when I wipe my constantly dripping nose, it hurts to eat and everything taste like cardboard, I was expecting a metallic taste but not me,  and poop…….well, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pooped……. ok I can tell you because I keep a symptom diary, in 3 days I poop 16 times  mostly very soft or diarrhoea, sorry tmi.

It’s Saturday today and I’m pleased to say I feel better in myself for the last couple of days, mouth symptoms are rubbish and I’ve tried all the different meds that were given for me I’m not eating very well at all but I’m hoping that by Monday things will improve 

I’m not going to lie…it’s been a rough week but I’ve tried to stay positive and look forward to the improvements.

I was super happy this morning, I woke at 4ish then 6ish both times going straight back to sleep then I slept until 7.30 TadaTada