Breast surgeon appointment …..Eeeeeeeek

I had an appointment with the breast surgeon, I wasn’t sure why because she told me I wouldn’t see her again until surgery, I checked with the breast care nurse who said no you won’t need to go to that one, it would have been sent in error not taking into account the delays you had at the beginning, she said she’d check and let me know, she didn’t so I called the BCN team and another team member said yes you definitely need to attend Shrug

so off we went not having any idea why and I came out blown away to be honest.

she explained that we need to start looking at surgery, she worked out when my chemo will finish and provisionally booked for W/c 25th April. Double mastectomy with all lymph nodes removed, I’m scared by that because of the lymphoedema risk.

she said I will probably have more chemo after surgery followed by definite radiotherapy.

she asked about reconstruction which I would like but it’s certainly not top of my list, she explained the Diep procedure to me but when she examined me she said that may not be an option because there’s no fat on my tummy !!! This is ironic because I’ve lost 8.5 stone in the past few years, talk about a victim of my own success! There’s plenty of skin though. Anyway I have an appointment with the micro plastic surgeon to discuss it hopefully this will be 2nd March.

IF it was an option it will be carried out the same time as she does my mastectomy so it’ll be 6 to 8hrs  in surgery and a 3 to 5 day hospital stay and a total 6 mont recovery.

if this is not an option my double mastectomy will be a day case surgery and I can have implants after my radiotherapy has finished.

she asked me to engage with the keeping abreast support group so I’ve emailed them and stated going through their website, it’s actually really informative and patient friendly.

I would love the Diep procedure, what a perk, to get a badly needed tummy tuck at the same time would be amazing but I really don’t think he will do it on me.

I definitely want something, I know everyone is different and I absolutely respect everyone’s personal view but I would struggle with being completely flat chested.

I also had to go for a photo shoot…how embarrassing See no evil topless, spaniel ears hanging with knickers rolled down low. I just wanted the ground to open up, even though we get poked and prodded so much for some reason I felt very vulnerable.

All in all not the appointment I expected at.

  • These appointments can be strange can't they ? I was given an appt for May, asked BCN what this was for, as had been told at my last appt the next appt would be for mammograms - was told no, that appt was made just to make sure I was kept in the NHS system (hurray) and I would get an appt in April for mammo. Your Breast Surgeon sounds absolutely fantastic !! So much achieved. I found that site you mention helpful in decision making on surgery to have.

  • Comforting to know your still in the system Wink, she is a fantastic lady and I’m pleased I was signposted to the site, as you say it’s really informative 

  • Wow Blingbabe, pleased your consultant is on it and getting things in place ahead of time. I’m also thinking of having the Diep surgery i will look at the site you mentioned thank you. All though I’m still at the start waiting for a CT scan before starting chemo. Xx

  • I know I was really impressed, it makes up for the awful hold ups at the beginning, not anybody fault just the PET scan throwing something up in the bowel that needed further investigation (all clear though) and then the Christmas and new year break.

    the site is very informative I’m surprised I haven’t stumbled across it before now. I hope things move swiftly for you, waiting is the absolute worst time. 
    Sending hugs