Back to work…and the Gym!

Thursday night I set my alarm….for the gym, it had taken me a long while to get to sleep that night….must have been exited!

I went to the gym 5.30am for the first time since January…..all went well, I had to drop some of my weights down and a few sets but I’ll get back up in time, I was so pleased I went.

Then off to work, only 3 hours and only catching up on some mandatory training, I was fitted for a different mask, it’s a horrible one and not easy to pull down to have a drink, it also has 1 strap that’s sits on the nape of the neck and 1 on the crown of my head which proved a little tricky with my chemo headwear.

it was really nice to be part of the team again.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling like I’d done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, my body certainly knew it had been to the gym….no pain…no gain