A nice update

I don’t have anything negative to report, I’m day 17 of cycle 2 and I’m feeling good, my right nostril is still playing me up, it’s not as sore as it was but it’s full of scabs and I had hoped it would clear up before Fridays chemo starts it off again but it’s a very minor discomfort. I’ve been busy decorating, yes I do get tired and sometimes I forget to listen to my body, I often set myself unrealistic goals with a list of jobs to get through each day, nothing that can’t wait so this is something I need to work on, I’m usually so active and literally never stop. All in all I’m looking forward to next week being as good before cycle 3 on Friday. Try to remember when your feeling so so poorly that things will improve, focus on better days ahead.

I received another chemo care pack from another cancer charity today and a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my children’s uncle and aunt ….. I do get overwhelmed by peoples kindness.