8 weeks post surgery

Where does time goShrug!!. It’s 8 weeks since my surgery, physical I’m really doing well, I still have a couple of pockets of fluid that I’m waiting to be re-absorbed into my body on the side that had the lymph nodes removed. My scars are really neat…but I’m still struggling to come to term with being flat, and I’m still having counselling.

im back to doing regular weights although I’ve dropped to 2kg and plan to build up, I’m doing regular workouts at home but haven’t yet been back to the gym, it’s just a matter of setting the alarm for 5am because I want to try and keep with my regular routine but I’m sleeping well now and although I generally wake between 7 and 8, the thought of 5am again is a little daunting.

I am still waiting to see my oncologist so I can start my radiotherapy and continue with my Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab and begin my Zometa, I have started the Letrozole again though.

I’ve spoke to my ward sister about returning to work whilst I’m waiting to start and re-start treatment and she has arranged a meeting with HR next Wednesday and a call from occy health on Monday.

I feel like a fraud because I feel so well now, I also worry that I’ll get too used to being of work, it’s so nice to d household jobs at a leisurely pace rather than flying around like the proverbial fly ! I am considering dropping either a day or half a day when I do go back although I’ll start on a phased return.

I’m absolutely loving the sunshine, didn’t it take its time in arriving though!

I have had my bone scan which was arranged so we had baseline measurements but unfortunately it showed that I’m osteopenic which is the stage before osteoporosis, the letter said my GP would arrange treatment and advice but I already take Calci-D, I exercise regularly, I eat healthy (most of the timeWink) I barely drink but I do still smoke, I really need to quit, it’s so difficult, I will also ask GP if I should increase the dose of my Calci-D.

the bone scan also showed a loss of height in 1 of my vertebrae so an X-ray has been arranged for next Tuesday. Both worrying diagnosis nonetheless.

I did speak to the breast surgeon about a lump at the end of my clavicle that I noticed the day after surgery (that’s not to say it wasn’t there before then) it is really noticeable just below my throat, it’s very hard, like bone and not tender. She wasn’t concerned at all so I saw my GP who was extremely understanding (because obviously this is bone mets in my head) he has arranged an X ray which is also next Tuesday, he said he doesn’t think it’s anything sinister but can understand how worried I am, he actually thinks it could be a partial dislocation of the clavicle…..bizarre….I’ve never felt as if something has happened in that area and if it is that could it have happened in theatre when I was put in one f the weird and wonderful positions.

I’ve also had my 2nd heart echo so hopefully I’ll get those results when I see the oncologist.

watch this space.

I really do hope you are all coping as well as you can with your treatments.

plots of hugs