8 days post surgery and still Covid positive

I can’t believe surgery was a week ago yesterday. My pain is so much better and I haven’t used pain relief for a few days now, it’s constantly there but more of a sharp ache. My drain was removed by the district nurse on day 5 which was fine, a little ouchy when the stitch was unpicked but manageable, there was 150mls in the drain. The absolute worst part was when they put the compression corset back on, boy did that bring tears to my eyes, mind you the 10 minutes of relief when it was off was amazing.

I tried to sleep in bed one night but by the time I’d manoeuvred myself on to the pillow pile I was so uncomfortable that I have taken to sleeping back on the reclining sofa.

my BCN called yesterday just to check in and she said I could take the compression corset off for an hour but to monitor my chest for swelling, the hour was lovely but again putting it back on was incredibly pain fans I was uncomfortable throughout the night too…..it’s definitely staying on now until dressings are checked next Wednesday. Still having the good ole strip wash and cannot wait to have a shower.

G has been off work and doing the housework which I find so frustrating, he’s great bless him but doesn’t flee around like me and although it’s a huge exaggeration everything seems to be done in slow motion. He’s also catching up with some outside jobs but it’s been so called, come sunshine we are into May on Sunday it’s time to show your face Sun with face 

covid symptoms are much the same, at least the coughing doesn’t hurt my wounds so much now, still very snooty and SOB.

I have ordered some post surgery bras from ASDA I didn’t give a thought to trying them yesterday when my corset was off, I have my softie’s from the hospital and my knitted knockers which I ordered last month and I have an appointment with the prosthetic department on June 6th.

I’m keeping “busy”, I’m trying to finish a cross stitch that I started over 20 years ago and I’m reading magazines, I’m also “pottering” indoors doing some little jobs.

I really don’t want to face looking at my breast but I’m trying really hard to get prepared for doing it.