2 days post bilateral mastectomies and right axillary node clearance and now I have Covid!

Surgery was on Thursday, I was in theatre for almost 5 hours in the end, I was my surgeon’s only patient of the day so I was in theatre before 8.15. I went of to sleep crying, woke up crying then spent 2 hours crying Sob…..then I got over myself !! I had been told my right armpit would be quite sore but so far it hasn’t been too bad but where my breasts were has been really sore and tender. I have a drain on the right side and 2 battery packs for the vacuum PICO dressing. I’ve been staying on the sofa at night, just reclining it and it’s been really comfortable and I’ve slept really well. I’ve been told I can remove my corset and battery pack to shower but I’m just too scared to because I know how much it’s going to hurt putting the corset back on so it’s been a good ole fashion strip wash I’m afraid.

I got to recovery at 13.00 and was told I could go home at 3.45….isn’t that mind blowing….and a little scary too.

All the hospital staff were fantastic, very kind, understanding, empathetic, patient and knowledgeable, absolutely faultless.  We are also so lucky to have the NHS.

I have received so many beautiful flowers it’s unbelievable everyone has been so kind.

Pain was really bad yesterday but I haven’t taken any morphine today, I’m really pleased about that, I was sent home with only 20mls so my GP prescribed some more because I was worried I would need some over the weekend but the pain is definitely a little easier today. I have started doing my exercises which have been ok, a little bit of discomfort but manageable.

My drain is due out on 26th and my wounds are due to be checked at the breast clinic on 4th May I’m guessing that’s when the corset can come of….to be honest I’d be happy to keep the dressing on forever at least I wouldn’t have to face my demons then.

I am going to have to call the BCN on Monday because today I have tested positive for Covid!! I honestly can’t believe it, I just feel like I’ve got a cold but I’m worried it may impact on my recovery in some way and I’m worried I’ve given it to the surgeon, surgery team and nursing staff.