this is an extract from an e mail i received from my macmillan nurse this morning... i had asked a few things about what i can get on prescription etc but also if i can get high protection skin cream... lots of people told me on here that they did so i thought no harm in asking.... this is the reply...

anyone feel like commenting?

have a good evening.... peter

I totally agree that sunblock should be prescribed for patients with skin cancer however, in the British National Formulary sun screen is available on prescription for patients with photosensitive skin conditions, not skin cancer! This is my personal bug bear too, I think the whole issue of sunscreens being a cosmetic ( or borderline substance if prescribed) rather then a medicine, allows companies to charge high prices, sun screens should be exempt from VAT. We are working on it through APPGS ,(all party parliamentary group on skin) and I have just become member of a advisory board for CRUK - sun smart campaign. Some GP's will prescribe for you though so it is worth trying.