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Jane C - Macmillan

Nourish - eating well with cancer

As a nutritionist, dietitian and trained chef, I can show you how to make delicious, appetizing meals that ensure you get the most from the foods you eat.

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  • Nourish - eating well with cancer

    About Me - Jane C, nutritionist, food writer, chef

    I'm delighted to join Macmillan's Online Community; my work as a nutritionist has been devoted to helping those with cancer, and other serious health conditions, to find the confidence and skills to nourish their bodies through the food they eat. My great aunt adored cooking and was my food mentor. As children, my sister and I loved staying the night...
  • Nourish - eating well with cancer

    Nourishing juices

    As the daylight hours lengthen and the first springtime shoots appear in the garden, we can feel a natural instinct to swap winter comfort foods such as casseroles and slow roasts for the zing of fresh juices, especially when you're living with the backdrop of cancer. Juices are a great way to increase your intake of antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables...
  • Nourish - eating well with cancer

    Eat with the seasons

    There’s nothing quite like the anticipation as the first spears of English asparagus appear in the supermarket and grocers in May. Usually an expensive luxury when it’s forced and flown in from abroad, this wonderful veg instead becomes an affordable treat. I love it lightly steamed and served with mayonnaise. This is also the month for pink and zingy...
  • Nourish - eating well with cancer

    Sugar and cancer

    My daughter Maya tells me that unlike her, I'm lucky not to have much of a sweet tooth – I am far more likely to crave some delicious salty olives than a bar of chocolate. Yet I couldn’t resist when Darina Allen of the renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland gave me one of her wonderful almond biscuits with my mint tea last weekend. I was there...
  • Nourish - eating well with cancer

    Grieving, not eating

    Losing someone we care deeply about is not only emotionally devastating; physically, it can throw our body into turmoil, with lack of sleep, shock, and grief causing chaos with our appetite and digestion. Many people find it difficult to eat anything at all. And when you do eat, you may get heartburn, bloating or tummy upsets, such as diarrhoea. The...