Hi all, well after a year and a half of treatment and operation i had my ct and mri scans. Saw my surgeon last week and no sign of cancer.will be having scans every 3 months which is the norm i think. I haven't been back to work yet due to me still having pain in my bowel. I had problems after the op with an infection and had to go to theatre 5 times to drain fluid from my bowel. I'm still having problems with mucus building up in my bowel and this causes pain. It seems that if I'm stood up for any length of time during the day, come evening time i get discomfort and have to sit on the toilet so the mucus comes out. The surgeon told me that hopefully it will heal in time. I have an ileostomy bag which is fine. I'm starting to panick a bit as i need to get back to work as I'm no longer being paid. I was told to ask mcmillan about pips. Can anyone give me any info about this.