I bounced out of bed this morning! More energy than I ever remember, actually feel like a new person. 

Nurse informed me neutrophils are 1.6! And other bloods coming along nicely too (happy days) Went for walk with physio, done some stairs and passed with flying colours,seen the dietician who assessed my weight and eating etc, passed with flying colours. 

Consultant came to see me, said I've recovered very quickly and they are very happy, told me he'd looked over everything and there's not much more they can do for me and that I'd be better off at home and see him once a week in clinic! 

So plan is for discharge tomorrow. Omg!! I never expected to hear this for at least another week, I'm still sitting here in shock hours later. 

I've done it!!! Can't believe it! Forever grateful to my brother Kevin, my husband, family, friends and everyone's prayers. I think my granny has broken the record of candle lighting in the chapel.

And let's not forget the amazing NHS, no words can describe how I feel for every doctor, nurse, care assistant, therapist and domestic who have been part of my journey. These are the people who should be on the TV receiving awards and as a nurse I am so so proud to be part of the NHS. Thank you! 

So that's it, but it's not the end, I've got a long way to go to be 'fully recovered' so i will be keeping blog updated for anyone interested. 

And for anyone going through this or about to embark on a stem cell transplant there's no point in lying, it's hard, a few really dark days where even your mind and your body are at the lowest point. All you can do is survive and that's exactly what our amazing bodies do, we have no choice but to survive and then that corner comes, a day later you're around the corner and into the light and it only gets brighter. 

I feel rejuvenated and liberated, I will never take normality for granted again. And unless I take a cardiac arrest tonight (joking) I will be out those doors tomorrow and you'll next hear from me lying in my living room with some chocolate, my dog lying at the living room door watching me as I patiently wait for love island xxx