A white Christmas may not be on the cards; not for most of us in the UK at least. But I imagine some of you are planning to head overseas to find a winter wonderland?  Perhaps not for Christmas, which is now just around the corner, but shortly afterwards in January, February or March? These months are the peak of the ski season in Europe, when many thousands of people take to the slopes for winter sports.

If you’re planning on doing winter sports on your holiday, it can add another layer of difficulty to getting travel insurance. Travel insurance companies will generally ask about whether you have any activities planned, and winter sports are considered high risk activities. As a result they may increase the premium (the cost of the insurance) or the excess (the amount you need to pay towards any claim you make).  

Standard travel insurance policies often do not cover winter sports. Instead you often need to arrange special winter sports cover with the travel insurance company. The high cost of medical bills if you get injured on the slopes means that getting the right cover is crucial for this type of holiday.    

It’s worth asking other community members about their experiences. Last year, Susan said:

Try gnu insurance. I'm in chemo will be on 4th cycle when we go skiing in march and they gave me a quote. Some of the other specialist companies couldn't quote me.

Some people chose to arrange travel insurance that does not cover them for any cancer related medical treatment. Earlier this year PinkyToes said:

I was diagnosed with an Ogliodendrogliomia in 2005. I have always been able to get travel insurance... It even covered me when I went skiing. The only thing about it was that it would not cover me for anything which was cancer related. As long as you inform the company that you have cancer they will insure you but will tell you what they won't insure you for. Obviously, when I went skiing, you have to cover yourself in case you do injure yourself on the slopes.

And back in 2010, paulie9 said he had arranged cover that didn’t include cancer cover through his bank:

I have completed an online quote at Lloyds TSB for a week skiing in the US. It allowed me to exclude my pre-existing cancer (which I am confident will not cause me problems) and gave me a price of £85, similar to quotes before my illness. 

Whether or not you feel comfortable getting cover that doesn’t include cancer-related medical treatment will depend on your situation. It’s often best to speak with your doctor or cancer specialist before making this decision.

A search online reveals that:

  • Good to Go Insurance promises: ‘Ski insurance from Goodtogoinsurance.com can cover all types of pre existing medical conditions up to a high level of severity, sometimes even a terminal prognosis.’
  • insurancewith says: ‘As specialists in providing travel insurance for people with serious medical conditions insurancewith offers affordable pre existing medical condition travel insurance policies that include winter sports cover. ‘
  • Holiday Extras sell a ‘Latitude’ insurance policy which covers people with cancer: ‘including for cruise and ski holidays’.

These are just a handful of insurance companies I found while looking online, and you may well find others.

Have you gone on a winter sports holiday and arranged travel insurance? How did you find the experience? It would be great to hear your recommendations or any challenges you faced.