Travel insurance round-up (October 2018)

Welcome to the October 2018 travel insurance update. Last month, I’m pleased to say that many of you were able to book holidays and organise travel insurance at a reasonable price. We hope the discussions over on the travel insurance group gave you some valuable recommendations.

Thank you to those of you who contributed over the group in October. In case you missed anything, we’ve included some of the successes below:

Success stories

Mitzie10 found reasonable cover for a cruise:

‘I went on a Caribbean cruise after completing chemo.’

LisaLab was thrilled with her insurer:

‘Thanks to this group, I tried the first insurance company recommended.’

princess/margaret got a nice surprise:

‘I couldn't believe it! I’ve checked and double-checked. All my conditions are listed and marked as "accepted", there doesn't seem to be any exclusion at all.’

jowoomot purchased a policy for her mum:

‘There is a large excess but she is covered for all her conditions.’

Travel and cancer information

If you are thinking of going on holiday, remember to take a look at Macmillan's information on travel and cancer before you go, to help you get the most out of your trip. Our information includes:

how cancer treatment may affect your travels information about vaccinations, immunisations and going abroad for treatment taking care of yourself while you are away.

Visit the travel insurance group.

Please keep sharing your experiences (good and bad) with us. Head over to the travel insurance group and start a new discussion.

Many thanks to @Mitzie10, @LisaLab, @princess.margaret and @jowoomot for their contributions to this blog.

Safe travels!