Welcome to the November 2018 travel insurance update. Christmas is now just around the corner and the festive holiday season is fast approaching.

Are you planning a trip abroad to spend some time with family and friends over Christmas? Perhaps you are looking forward to getting away and relaxing on a winter break? Or maybe you intend to swap the chilly British weather for some uplifting sunshine?

We hope that the discussions on the travel insurance group will give you some valuable recommendations.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the group in November. Your discussions highlight that it can sometimes be a frustrating and time-consuming process searching for reasonable travel insurance after a cancer diagnosis. Fortunately, many of you reported that after making enquiries, you received a fair quote and managed to organise travel insurance at an affordable price.

Here are some of your success stories over the past month:

Success stories

Dakila found a reasonably-priced policy:

‘For the last 3 days I have been searching for travel insurance that suits me and covers my existing conditions. Finally, after being quoted between £100 to £200, I found a policy through moneysupermarket.com for £51. I couldn’t be happier.’

princess.margaret had a good travel insurance experience:

‘The travel insurance company took the time to discuss my condition and contact the underwriters rather than just rely on the fact that I scored “-7” (whatever that means) and refuse to quote.’

chellesimo shopped around to find a good quote for her cruise:

‘I contacted the same company that we used before, expecting a similar price. They quoted us £475. I then went into panic mode, and started searching, applying online, phoning different companies for quotes....I eventually found a policy for £201 with excess of £70, which we are happy with. It just goes to show you really do have to shop around, but it’s a very frustrating situation.'

Travel insurance advice

Dakila gave some helpful tips:

‘Good luck to anyone still searching, just be patient and know how and what you need covered then make sure you read the policy offered to you, no matter how boring. And don’t forget most insurance has a cooling period of 14 days in case you change your mind and realise it’s not right one for you.’

jaymacabc123 recommends phoning travel insurance companies:

‘I’d suggest calling them rather than doing the quote online, although be prepared because the call takes a long time as they do ask a lot of questions medically, etc.’

Mitzie10 explained how she looks for a suitable policy:

‘In my experience “cheap” is not always best. I need to be confident that I will be able to access the right care wherever I happen to be or I won’t go.

I always look at recommendations and reviews and research the company I’m dealing with.’

Travel and cancer information

If you are thinking of going on holiday, remember to look at Macmillan's information on travel and cancer to help you get the most out of your trip. Our information includes:

  • how cancer treatment may affect your travels
  • information about vaccinations, immunisations and going abroad for treatment
  • taking care of yourself while you are away.

Visit the travel insurance group.

Please keep sharing your experiences (good and bad) with us. Head over to the travel insurance group and start a new discussion.

Many thanks to Dakila, princess.margaret, chellesimo, jaymacabc123 and Mitzie10 for contributing to this blog.

Season’s greetings and happy winter holidays!