Welcome to the March 2020 travel insurance update.

After the long winter, Spring finally arrives this month. The weather is warming up and colourful flowers are starting to bloom.

Although next month, April, is usually a pleasant time to travel, you may be considering any plans carefully due to the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). Some people with cancer are more at risk of becoming seriously ill if they get the coronavirus infection. This depends on the type of cancer you have and how it is being treated. You can read more information about cancer and coronavirus on our website.

You should talk to your cancer team about any travel plans. There are some countries and areas where there is a higher chance of coming into contact with someone who has coronavirus. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is advising against all but essential travel to these places. You can find the most up-to-date information on their website about how different countries are affected.

If you plan to travel, it is important to be covered by suitable travel insurance. We hope that the discussions on our travel insurance group give you some valuable recommendations.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the group in March. Several of you managed to find reasonably priced travel insurance after a cancer diagnosis.

Success stories

Here are some of your success stories over the past month:

Mazmac found affordable cover for a family holiday to Italy:

‘I finished radiotherapy for breast cancer in July last year and am now just on hormone treatment for 10 years. I went on an insurance company’s website and found that you can enter the details of your condition online, including any ongoing precautionary treatment, and they will tell you how much it adds to the cost.

For me, the extra cost was only £5, so I got a week’s insurance for a holiday to Italy for myself, husband and son for £47. Worth a look!’

Skyblues found an annual policy by following a recommendation in this group:

‘I posted in this group that my partner had been declined travel insurance and was then quoted nearly £1,000 because he has prostate cancer and bone metastasis (cancer that has spread to the bones). After this, several people on the travel blog recommended that we try a specific company.

We managed to get an annual policy for my partner for £119. We are delighted with this and feel reassured knowing that he is fully covered, especially as he is still having chemotherapy.’

Parcelady took out reasonable cover for her elderly parents:

‘I have just got travel insurance for my 76-year-old Mum, who has recently finished treatment for ovarian cancer, and my Dad who is 82, for £158. The previous lowest quote was £444.

Travel and cancer information

If you are thinking of going on holiday, Macmillan’s information on travelling abroad can help you get the most out of your trip. Our information includes:

  • how cancer treatment may affect your travels
  • information about vaccinations, immunisations and going abroad for treatment
  • taking care of yourself while you are away
  • things to consider when buying travel insurance
  • some of the words and terms you might hear when planning a holiday or getting travel insurance.

Visit the travel insurance group 

Please keep sharing your experiences (good and bad) with us. You can visit the travel insurance group to start a new discussion.

Many thanks to Mazmac, Skyblues and Parcelady for contributing to this blog.

Safe travels and Happy Easter!