The winter 2013-2014 edition of our Getting travel insurance booklet is now available to order. You can also read the information on our updated web pages.

If you've read previous editions, you’ll know that the booklet features a list of insurance companies that may be able to insure people affected by cancer. We print a new version every six months, at which point we add or remove companies based on your recommendations.

For this new booklet, we’ve tried to give more details about each insurance company - what they can and can’t cover, and whether they cover people who are terminally ill, for example. We know from your feedback that some of you have called companies we’ve listed in the past, only to have a bad experience with them or find that they won’t cover you. So the descriptions are now worded to give as much detail as possible.

I hope you find the new edition useful. As always, please do get in touch with me (through the community or by emailing with any feedback about our travel insurance information or about your experiences with companies.

Media coverage

ITV recently covered the case of one family affected by cancer who are struggling to get travel insurance. Click below to watch the video.

An image of a video player, showing a father and daughter who are affected by cancer 

The Telegraph also ran this article, which gives some general advice about getting travel insurance when you’re affected by cancer and also features a list of specialist companies.

Have you tried getting travel insurance recently? Were the companies you contacted helpful? We're currently preparing for the next update of our travel insurance information, so please let us know.