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Have you had difficulty getting travel insurance after a cancer diagnosis? This blog gives helpful updates on the travel insurance group discussions.

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    Travel insurance round-up (April 2018)

    We hope you all got the chance to enjoy some of the April sunshine. It just shows that you don't have to go abroad to enjoy hot weather! That being said, many Community members in the travel insurance group did get the opportunity to book a holiday, and got the right insurance at the right price. You can read about some of the success stories...
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    Travel insurance recommendations for people affected by cancer

    When you are living with cancer, getting travel insurance can be difficult - even if your cancer treatment was years ago. We want to hear positive stories about travel insurance companies from the people who know best – you. This blog has now evolved into a new travel insurance discussion group. Please head over to the new group to share your experiences...
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    New booklet and media coverage about travel insurance and cancer

    The winter 2013-2014 edition of our Getting travel insurance booklet is now available to order . You can also read the information on our updated web pages . If you've read previous editions, you’ll know that the booklet features a list of insurance companies that may be able to insure people affected by cancer. We print a new version every...
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    Winter sports and travel insurance

    A white Christmas may not be on the cards; not for most of us in the UK at least. But I imagine some of you are planning to head overseas to find a winter wonderland? Perhaps not for Christmas, which is now just around the corner, but shortly afterwards in January, February or March? These months are the peak of the ski season in Europe, when many thousands...
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    Travel insurance round-up, September 2013

    Affected by cancer and looking for travel insurance cover? You might find it helpful to search for the most recent discussions on the Online Community. Below is a round-up of recent comments and experiences. In another discussion it was said that International Travel and Healthcare (0845 257 2587) 'came in with a reasonable price and were...