Dentist, PALS and CT scan booked

No, I haven't made pals with the dentist - admittedly he was a very nice man and didn't hurt me but still. No - just to say I had my dental examination today and passed with almost flying colours - he had a little whine about nicotine staining and quitting smoking which I promptly ignored. He is happy for me to go ahead with the Denusomab from a dental point of view but I have to see him again in three months to ensure it isn't attacking my jawbone as it is apparently wont to do. Apparently my risk for this is higher because of having had a fun 10 months battle with osteomyelitis in my jawbone a few years ago. So anyway - come back in three months he says. December 17th,

Only problem is, I won't have started the Denusomab by then. I have an appointment for the results of a CT scan - which of course has not been booked yet - next January. I will be signing the consent form for the Denusomab at the CT scan appointment. Now, even though that scan is not yet booked, I can say here and now that it is NOT going to be before Christmas. No way in hell am I having the waiting for results hanging over me through Christmas.  Then, we need to figure out the logistics of the Denusomab injections themselves - provided he remembers this time - when, where, how etc. Not a chance I will have started the Denusomab before the dental checkup to see what it's doing. Why does everything have to be so complicated?

In other news, I heard back from PALS. They've sent me the form needed to release my records so that I can find out exactly where the bone mets are. I have paid careful attention to my body these past few weeks and can bet you a tenner that there is one on my left collarbone. I can also bet a fiver (not as safe a bet, this, 'cos it could be my gall bladder) on the right ribs. 

Anyway - barring anything untoward happening in the meantime, I can hopefully relax now until after Christmas. It's a nice feeling.