We have a handbook called Hello and how are you – a guide for carers, by carers. This information was produced by carers of people with cancer.Image of the Hello and how are you booklet 

Over the next few days we'd like to share some of the advice that’s been put together by these carers so I'll be posting sections of the guide as blog posts.

 Posts for you to read:

Posts that will be available today and tomorrow:

  • Death, dying and bereavement
  • Life after caring


Please remember the following as you read the information:

Remember that no two situations are identical and no two experiences of caring are the same. This is why the information is not intended to be a set of instructions – a ‘how to be a carer’ guide. Instead, it includes lots of things that will hopefully strike a chord with you.

Always remember that when it comes to medical questions, it is essential you speak to a healthcare professional for advice.

You will often see reference to ‘the patient’. We felt that although this may not be the ideal choice of words, it was a practical way to refer to the person you are caring for – a shorthand way that is easily understood.


You can download the full booklet and find out about all of the ways Macmillan can help carers of people with cancer.

You can also join our carers group to connect with other carers of people with cancer and to share support and advice.

It would be great to hear from you about what you think, or to hear your own experiences. Please comment on the blog posts that are relevant to you. I'll be adding a blog post each day for all of these topics - the first one today is about working with professionals when caring for someone with cancer.

Thank you and take care,