This week is Deaf Awareness Week. In this blog, Senior Editor Marilisa talks about our British Sign Language information, including two new videos.

Did you know that we have a collection of videos in British Sign Language (BSL)? They cover a wide range of topics, from signs and symptoms of cancer, to types of treatment and how to cope with side effects. We’ve worked closely with Deaf groups and organisations around the country to create clear, engaging information in BSL.

Recently we have added two new BSL videos to our collection. One is about brain tumour treatment and the other about neutropenic sepsis.

Brain tumour treatment

The first of our new videos is about treatment for brain tumours. Jordan, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour, talks about his life after cancer treatment. He explains how the treatment affected him, and the steps he took to help him in his recovery. Neuro-oncology nurse practitioner Anna explains the effects treatment for a brain tumour can have on your life.