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Living with Melanoma - An Ongoing Journey

by Tim90

Positive thoughts on dealing with, managing and overcoming malignant melanoma. Real life experience, reactions, thoughts, and views, including how lifestyle and immunotherapy are a powerful combination in overcoming this illness.

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  • Living with Melanoma - An Ongoing Journey

    In Praise of Immunotherapy

    Last week I was told that the results of my latest CT scan showed a Complete Response and that I would now stop my ongoing immunotherapy treatment around 9 months earlier than the planned two year course. Complete Response is defined as - The term used for the absence of all detectable cancer after your treatment is complete response (CR). Complete...
  • Living with Melanoma - An Ongoing Journey

    Recovery with the help of animals

    When I wrote my first blog post around a year ago I’d just spent a week on holiday in a cottage on the coast, with a dog for company. That companionship of a loving pet provided a lift to the spirits and a recognition of the importance of compassion, kindness and friendship. It made me realise how good animals are at taking your mind from the often...
  • Living with Melanoma - An Ongoing Journey

    Focus on what matters and persevere

    Don’t waste time! I’m sure we’re not consciously doing that but there’s a lot of life lessons from the Stoic philosophy of the ancient Greeks that I think we can apply just as much to a life being lived with a serious illness as one that’s illness free. It’s useless to wish things in the world were different, some things we can’t change, and that...
  • Living with Melanoma - An Ongoing Journey

    Encouraging a Sense of Perspective to Help Living with Cancer

    One of the aspects of living with cancer is the sense of perspective it gives us. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. By that I mean it causes us to re-evaluate what we’re doing. To pause, reflect and check. We can call it the value of Acceptance and Letting Go . We need to let go of some things and to encourage others . Ideally it wouldn’t be cancer...
  • Living with Melanoma - An Ongoing Journey

    What Now? Life Is What You Make It

    The last blog post I wrote made me think further about living wel l in the face of living with cancer, and transitioning into feeling positive intuitively. I was thinking that living with cancer is amongst other things a time of living with both reflections and actions . Looking backwards can be a little dangerous and frustrating, because that old...