When I wrote my first blog post around a year ago I’d just spent a week on holiday in a cottage on the coast, with a dog for company. That companionship of a loving pet provided a lift to the spirits and a recognition of the importance of compassion, kindness and friendship.

It made me realise how good animals are at taking your mind from the often negative thoughts and worries associated with going through treatment for a serious illness, and focusing on good and positive feelings instead.

I’m a believer that animals can sense your feelings and your needs. The love and companjonship that they can give can both support you and empower you to strive to meet your challenges in overcoming the illness you have.

There’s a certain healing element to spending time with animals, be that dogs, cats, horses or other animals, that comes just from their presence, their closeness to you and the joy they derive from that closeness too.

In the year that has followed I’ve developed a greater appreciation of how important a part animals can play in your recovery. The can sense your feelings, empathy is key here, they know how to be with you. They can take your stress away, calm you down and give you a sense of perspective.

The more interactions you can have with animals the better you’ll feel, that I really believe

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  • <p>Hi , I&rsquo;m glad your dog has brought some joy to your life, I&rsquo;m sure there are lots of people in the animals are people to group who share your feeling and love of animals. In case you haven&rsquo;t come across the group, and as it might bring you some conversational joy, I&rsquo;ve put the link to the group below.</p> <p><a href="/cancer_experiences/animals_are_family_too_/discussions">community.macmillan.org.uk/.../p> <p>Best wishes</p>