So the referral to the local hospital came through quickly which was great. So I arrived one Friday towards the end of June. The Doctor was fine and suggested she have a look by sticking a camera up my nose. What an offer! So up it went and she had a look around. She suggested that it seemed to be not to bad and that it was probably nothing to much to worry about. So next thing would be to get it removed and everything would be fine. How I wish that would have been the case, but I'm getting ahead of myself. 

So a date for the tonsillectomy was to be arranged and I went off and had a blast at a stag do that weekend, feeling a bit relieved that I'd have the tonsil removed and not have to worry too much after that. 

Before the operation I had and MRI scan (with dye) and saw my dentist, and the hospital dentist both of which went smoothly.

26th July was the big date. 

Looking back on this I do wonder why the first hospital Doctor was so optimistic, or was I just unlucky?