As someone with cancer, a carer, or a bereaved person, you need the people around you to be supportive and understanding.

Here on the Online Community, we’ve heard lots of sad stories about people whose friends and family have not been very supportive – those who’ve made insensitive comments or simply stopped being in touch.

But equally, we also hear lots of positive stories about those who’ve really come through for you when you needed them the most.

This could be practical support such as cooking extra meals for your freezer, driving you to appointments, or picking the kids up from school. Or, it could be emotional support – being a good listener, sitting with you while you’re feeling terrible, or texting and calling regularly to see how you’re doing.

Beverley: "My family drove me down to our beach hut so that I could sit and watch the sunset while eating fish and chips with a glass of wine. Just something peaceful and relaxing, with the people I love, during a time of emotional upheaval."

Today, we’re asking – what’s the best thing that someone has done to support you? Who has really gone the extra mile to reach out to you? Let us know in the comments below.

Macmillan is trying to encourage people to do more to support someone they know who's been affected by cancer. We’re providing lots of ideas for how to be supportive if someone you know has cancer.

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