Your top blogs this year

As 2015 comes to a close, we're looking at the top blogs and bloggers which you loved and read on the community this year.

1. Travel insurance recommendations for people affected by cancer
Check out our member's most recommended insurers as well as tips and advice.

2. Our isolation box is coming to a place near you
Read about our stunt in Paddington to raise awareness of loneliness and cancer.

3. Your rights at work when you’re affected by cancer
Find out how we can support you and give information to you and your employer.

4. Going private - Shall I? Shan't I?
Community member Dyad shared her reasons for continuing with the NHS.

5. Cancer, Me and Them
Read blueric2002's story about her journey through bladder cancer.

6. A journey through throat cancer
Our member cymru123 searches for wisdom from those who have walked his path previously.

7. Are you watching The C Word with Sheridan Smith this weekend?
We blogged about the popular BBC drama based on the true story of Lisa Lynch and her diagnosis of breast cancer.

8. What should I bring to my chemo?- part one
Many of you found our members' chemo shopping list essential when going in for the first session.

9. Mental health and coping with your emotions
Read our round up of treatments and ways to improve mental health.

10. Some pretty graphic stuff - you have been warned!
Read Dyad's open and honest blog post about her anal cancer treatment.

We couldn't let 2015 go by without giving an honourable mention to some of our other brilliant bloggers - moonbatwhims and wishesRonny.a and Margaret853