October seems to have flown by in a flurry of multi-coloured leaves and soggy misty mornings. Here’s our ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ summary to ease us into the beginning of November. So put your feet up and have a scroll through some wonderful wellbeing tips from the Community

‘The old adage “Life is what you make it” really is very true, because even in trying times we have the option to decide what to do, and if the event is in our control we can do it, and if it’s not in our control we can decide how we respond to it.’ (

‘The Japanese have a word wabi-sabi - nothing is ever permanent, perfect or complete.’ (

‘Don't have expectations of yourself. It’s rubbish, it’s scary, and it’s all really uncertain. You are going to be all over the place! Find the people who are good to talk to when you need it - here is brilliant - and try not to feel guilty about everything else.’ (

‘There is no one stronger or weaker, we are just at different points at any one time… just accept that now feels bad, and tomorrow may feel better, and there is no shame in feeling whatever you are feeling.’ (

‘Advice on getting through treatment? my advice would be just do what you need to do to get through, rest when you need to rest, the fatigue is a bit of a bugger!!’ (

‘Wishing you well and you are unique, just do what you feel able to. I did jigsaws, great for when you can’t sleep and your mind floats away . Maybe try a new hobby, even knitting squares for blankets , buy crazy colours , this could brighten your day.’ (

‘The past cannot repeat itself - whatever we experience in the future, it can and will not be the same as what has happened in the past.’ (

‘One of the best bits of advice given to me, has been to try and take every day as it comes.  Don't let your brain rush ahead.  It is bloody hard to do, but it does help if you can…’ (

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