Monday was not a good day, everywhere I looked the big C was surrounding me.  I couldn’t get away from it.  I get that TV adverts are a great way of raising money but TV is a big part of my life and I don’t need reminding of the alien being every 15 minutes.  Then there’s the news, this disease always seems to be the trump card of newsworthiness when really there’s plenty of others to choose from too.  It’s everywhere and sometimes it gets me down.

Yesterday, however, I had my haircut, which was fab, I was at school with my hairdresser so we’ve known each other a LONG time and it was great to have a normal conversation and a laugh (she doesn’t know about Colin - I pick and choose who I tell).  Twas a better day in general, less TV therefore fewer reminders and a trip to the McDonalds drive through to get Mum a Happy meal for her tea, with a McFlurry as an added treat, she’s waited 5 months for her simple pleasure so she might as well push the boat out!