Meet Freya. Cancer Voice. Campaigner. And now, blogger. She'll be giving you the inside track on our campaign work over the next few months. Here, she introduces herself and gives you a sneaky peek of what you can expect...

Like many people I knew the name Macmillan and thought most of Macmillan’s work was around fundraising and providing care and support for people affected by cancer.

Freya Portrait

It wasn’t until I needed Macmillan myself that I started to find out about the range and depth of what Macmillan does. I was really grateful that Macmillan was there to help and support me at key moments – helping me understand the choices I could make and supporting me in making the best decisions for me and those around me.

After a while I started to think about how I could be involved in Macmillan and looked on the website to find out more about the different volunteer roles and what best suited my skills and experience, and the time I had available.

I became a Cancer Voice and started reviewing books and publications. I also completed surveys and questionnaires, attended focus groups, and gave feedback on some Macmillan projects. I like being a Cancer Voice because it gives me the chance to be involved in lots of different activities and I can do most of my volunteering from the sofa in my front room. 

A few months ago the Cancer Voice network advertised an opportunity to become a Macmillan campaign blogger and I decided I wanted to know more about what was involved. After a few emails, phone calls and meetings, Macmillan asked me to become one of their first campaign bloggers.

So. What can you expect to read about in my blog posts?

I’ll be... 

  • meeting some of the people involved in Macmillan’s campaign work and finding out what they’re up to
  • going to a few Macmillan events and conferences and reporting back on what’s taken place
  • sharing our new Macmillan campaigns and how you can get involved.

I hope that’s whetted your appetite!