I've kept fairly quiet on here, mainly because I don't know where to begin. I started my internship on 26th Nov 2012. I've almost completed 2/3 of my time here at Macmillan HQ. I have been amazed at the work they do, not just on the level of support they give patients but how much everyone cares about well, everyone. I have tried my best to get to grips with all the different departments and events that go on but there is so much to learn in very little time. I had the honour to go visit the fundraising team who are the people you will speak to on the phones when you call. I have never met a more cheerful bunch who are so keen to help and answer every request.

So introduction over, What I am wondering is, are there any other interns (past, present and future) who have wondered what they can do next to help support macmillan? Or any activities that any of the volunteers have loved taking part in?