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  • Forum Post: Want your thoughts - 10min online survey

    My name is Natalie Seebeck and I am a student at the Lo ndon Metropolitan University studying Psychology. As part of this course, I am conducting a research project on people’s beliefs towards their illness/health condition and related treatment. You have been invited to take part in this study...
  • Forum Post: Cancer patients and the feeling of 'Otherness'

    My name is Alex Reitemeier, I'm a psychology student at Nottingham Trent University doing some research into cancer. I want to find out if other people's reactions to a person's cancer shapes and changes their self-perception. I have emailed and received permission form the Macmillan...
  • Forum Post: Any audiobook users?

    The Macmillan Cancer Information Development team needs your help! We are looking for any audiobook users to help us improve our audio cancer information. Our team produce a range of cancer information audio CDs: http://be.macmillan.org.uk/be/s-186-cancer-type.aspx?ProductTypeFilterID=147 ...
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