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  • Forum Post: Chemo done - Now 'watch and wait' or get zapped!?

    My 72 year old Mum has follicular lymphoma, mediastinal area. She's done her 6 cycles of RCHOP, during which she fought off a fungal chest infection that nearly killed her, then a few months later caught C-Diff. She's been left weak, depressed and because of the Vincristine, has peripheral neuropathy...
  • Forum Post: I think its returned and he wont do a scan!

    High Grade-Diffuse large B cell Mediastinal NHL Age 32 Female Completed 8 cycles RCHOP and 15 Radiotherapys in January 2010 Hi all, im experiencing similar symptoms, but not as bad, to when i was 1st diagnosed. I told my oncologist when i seen him in July and he said "unfortunately i will...
  • Forum Post: CT Scan results providing additional positive energy in the fight

    Hi All, It has been a while since I last posted anything on the site (way back in May 10 before I started Chemo), but thought I really should come online and share some positive news. After my 4th chemo session, I was sent for my mid point CT scans and yesterday received my results back... to both...
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