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  • Forum Post: Re: My husband lost his fight

    Hello Lisa, my partner was diagnosed a year ago and just wanted to say I know what you mean by jelly in your tummy. I felt light headed mainly because I just couldn't take in the enormity of the diagnosis I think. Had whole days when I felt as though I was walking through treacle, literally putting...
  • Forum Post: THE ABCs of CANCER

    MY ABC’S OF CANCER By BRYAN MURPHY We are Bryan, me, and my honey, hubby, cutie, husband, sweetie, Roger. We’ve been together for 18 years. Roger is a Brit and I am a Yank from Noo Yawk. We spend most of our time in the UK where we live or on the water. We love to cruise. It’s...
  • Forum Post: Re: Why are some consultants so cruel in the way they tell patients their future!

    Hi Susie, we have had mixed experiences on this. The consultant at the first hospital, basically patted us on the hand, gave us a leaflet to read and said we would probably have 3 months. The first surgeon, was a total nightmare, in fact you way you describe your experience was so similar I actually...
  • Forum Post: Re: Dad started chemo today

    Hi Susie, my partner went through the chemo. The first one wasn't too bad initially, the steroids helped the sickness . although he did feel exhausted after about 4 days. The second two sessions were progressively harder, in terms of nausea and tiredness, with all sorts of funny side effects ...
  • Forum Post: Re: Just got the dreaded diagnosis.

    lisa, sorry for your news. My partner was diagnosed a year ago aged 48 , very fit and healthy up until the diagnosis. There are a few people who seem to make it more than 2 years, but there aren't many . Strangely all the ones I know of seem to be women! He has scans every three months to monitor...
  • Forum Post: Re: My mum has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma :(

    my partner was diagnosed jut over a year ago. After he had the radiotherapy, he was totally washed out and he is only in his forties and was really fit before this nightmare started. We both know this is a one way road, but there are still some good days. We have both learnt to make the most of those...
  • Forum Post: Somewhere else to get advice and support

    If we can help in any way, please get in touch. We offer support services, legal advice and assistance with state benefits for mesothelioma sufferers and their families - all from our small team of experienced mature advisors. National Asbestos Helpline - free phone 0800 043 6635
  • Forum Post: 65 and still alive?

    My husband passed away in August, but wrote a book on his experiances on living with mesothelioma, inorder to help others and raise money for macmillan nursing and cancer research into this terrible disease. If you would like a read please visit www.livingwithmesothelioma.co.uk All proceeds will...
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  • Forum Post: Re: I think my dad is losing his fight? pls god dont take him

    All the people here are the carers but Im a patient and as such I can say dont give up on your dad as we have a lot of fight in us we are Mesowarriors. I think we shouldnt listen to the time limits they put on us as mine was 3 months and here Iam at 1.3 months. After chemo I had a wonderful year...
  • Forum Post: Re: adams trial

    I have been to St Barts for a B-Op to see if i could take part in the ADAMS Trial but I still do not have the protien but I can be tested for it again https://sites.google.com/site/mesowarrior2/the-adams-trial Please contact Dr Peter Szlosarek As he is still recruiting patients for the...
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  • Blog Post: Mesothelioma -My Diary feeling nervous

    http://rayandmave.wordpress.com/ I have updated my diary as Im getting very down as the results of my BI-Op are on Friday whether its the ADAMs trial or Chemo. I so want the trial Love Mavis
  • Forum Post: Re: I think my dad is losing his fight? pls god dont take him

    Hi Ann, Thank you for replying, I know caring for your father can be very time consuming, as well as working. I am sorry to hear that your Dad is struggling with his breathing, and I hope the anti-biotics kick in sooner rather than later. My Dad too had lumps appear on him. The first lump to appear...
  • Blog Post: Mesothelioma My Diary

    http://rayandmave.wordpress.com/ I have been updating my blog but forget to put it here. But Im soon to know if I go into the ADAMs tial as i have had another Bi-Op and all results will be known next Friday 19th. If good i will be in the trial on the wednesday if not its 2nd line Chemo for...
  • Blog Post: Mesothelioma My diary--it gets worse -another big fight on my hands

  • Blog Post: My blog has been updated I was on Meridien TV

    http://rayandmave.wordpress.com/ What a journey so many highs and a few lows
  • Forum Post: Mesothelioma

    My brother was diagnosed with mesothelioma last Christmas. Now seven months on, he looks like a little old man. He is in his mid 50,s The weight is falling of him, he has an appetite, but the build up of fluid in his chest prevents him from eating much food. So what I am asking is how does he take...