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  • Forum Post: ABC's of CANCER. T,U, & V.

    T for thief and time. Time steals so much from you. We have always tried to use it to our best advantage. U is the unknown. Roger and I don’t know what is ahead but we keep on going. Just like that bunny that keeps going and going and going. We are going. I know I am planning our next cruise...
  • Forum Post: ABC's of CANCER. N & O

    N for NHS. Again for the non-UK people. The National Health Service. With the exception of that one “doctor”, see above under “M”. Just great to us. O is for overwhelming. How anyone can do this alone, I’ll never know. Especially in the beginning. There is so much...
  • Forum Post: ABC's of CANCER K, L, & M

    K Karma. If one wants to look at it this way, our lives were so fantastic, karma almost had to make it go the other way to compensate. L . Lister Hospital. Ten minutes away. Where all of this started and where Roger goes for his chemo treatment. The name Lister we’ve been lead to believe is...
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