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  • Forum Post: Please help... any info will be massively appreciated. Meeting on the 28th with the oncologist.

    Hello. My granddad who is 79 is very very fit and healthy (has only been to hospital once in his entire life - when he was 19 to have his appendix out) was diagnosed with (malignant polypoidal lesion in the caecum) colonic tumour on the 16th Feb 2012. He had a bowel resection where they took the 6cm...
  • Forum Post: Re: capecitabine chemo tablets

    Hi MEJ, I had Rectal Cancer two years ago, and took capecitabine tablets, but didnt suffer any side effects with this drug apart from a slight sore throat which I remedied with Manuka Honey. I know that I have had bad stomach pains in the past which were diagnosed as IBS, and that was something I thought...
  • Forum Post: New stoma support forum on here

    Hi - I took the plunge and set up an ileostomy and colostomy discussion group on here - please look for it under members' groups if you think it would be helpful. Please post a 'hello' and introduce yourself. Thank you! Jules
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